eleanor/16/uk. i'm not doing this so i can earn the approval of certain people, or to impress people. i'm doing this for myself. so i can finally be happy and healthy.


Starting tomorrow I am going to start a food log! :) Basically what I’ll be doing is logging what I ate and the amount of calories and exercise I took that day at the end of the day! It’ll make me think twice about certain foods for the shame of having to log it on here hahaha. PLAN!

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So  today, I was feeling a little bit down about my progress, and then I decided ‘hey, I’ll put my formal dress on that I wore in November 2011..’ and this happened.
This dress was tight, as you can see in the picture, and it was a size UK16/US12. I now wear a size UK8/US4, and the difference shocked me.
I work for this every day and behind every decision I make, my goal is kept in my mind.
I started my weight loss journey this January, 2012 and continue to go as long as I can! Fitness only seems like a drag when you don’t do it! Regular exercise and healthy eating WILL get you there…

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WOW!!! Incredible!